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November 15, 2017


One Tiny Change In Your Thinking That Can Propel You To Financial Independence

June 17, 2017

Live Like You’re Broke

When you get paid what is the first thing you do? What do you pay? Who do you pay? How much money do you have left after paying the bills to invest. If you are like I was then you probably live paycheck to paycheck. You might pay the bills that are due or pay those you owe money to back. If you are not living like you’re broke then you more than likely are broke. Most of the time anyway.

Notice that I said live like you are broke not like you are poor. I got this idea from Grant Cardone. I read his book titled “The Millionaire Booklet” How To Get Super Rich. You can get this book free by clicking here.

In “The Millionaire Booklet” Grant talks about how in one of the richest countries in the world 76% of people live paycheck to paycheck, approximately 50% of Americans have no money for retirement and 47% of Americans don’t have $400.00 for an emergency. This is incredible considering that America is the greatest country in the world and has created more freedom and wealthy citizens than any country in history.

Where Do You Get Your Financial Advice?

He talks about being careful where you get your advice from, especially financial advice. I know when I go my family for their opinion on finances I get some of the same answers that Grant talks about in his book. I hear how that the only ones making any money are the ones who wrote the book or that are selling the programs. Keep your feet on the ground they will say.

You can’t make money like that anymore, You’ve got to get your head out of the clouds etc. Those were the things that I kept hearing.

My Dad was always talking about how he could not afford something. “I just can’t afford that right now”. Every rich person I know will say instead “How can I afford that”. Your mind will give you the answers to your questions literally. Ask the right questions and you will get the right answers. However, the opposite is also true. Ask how you can afford something and your mind will find a way to afford it.

As much as I love my Dad he is not the one I would go to for financial advice. If you want to make a million dollars then you must go to the ones who are already making a million dollars.

What You Say and Do Does Affect Others

Also remember if you want to see your children do well and you love your children then you should never tell them they cannot be rich or make a lot money if they want to. You should not be negative to your children in any way, especially don’t tell them they are losers or will never amount to anything. Because guess what? They will become what you say or teach them and if they don’t end up becoming a loser and instead end up doing well it will certainly not be because of you but it will be in spite of you. You must guard what comes out of your mouth even if you do not direct the comments at your children they will most certainly hear the things you say somewhere along the line and if you love your children you don’t want to influence them negatively. You owe it not only to yourself but to your family as well. What you do and say has much more of an effect on your family and others than you realize. It does not just affect you.

They will do well because they met someone or were inspired by someone else outside of their immediate sphere of influence in their journey through life. My Dad’s wife was incredibly abusive toward her children, but she was more abusive towards me. Both physically and mentally. Things like that take years to get over and some people never get over that kind of treatment. She was abusive to the point of being cruel sometimes. For many years I thought that I was angry with her. I forgave her and it was when I truly sat down and thought about it that I realized that I was angrier with my Dad.

Put Your Foot Down With Losers and Abusers

My Dad should have never let someone like her have any say what so ever about what I did. She should not have been allowed to raise me. She was and is the most negative individual I have ever met. It has become such a habit for her that negativity just flows out of her cake hole. If she could think and express positive thoughts even half as much as she does negative thoughts nothing could stop her from being successful. Also, with the passion in which she expresses those negative thoughts, if she used that same amount and type of passion on positive thinking she would most definitely be unstoppable.

For so many years I would read motivational and financial books and then I would go on doing the same old thing that caused me to be broke. This was because I would do what I talked about not doing earlier, I listened to my loser friends and family. I don’t mean to talk about them in such a negative way however I have found that you need realize who is negative and call it the way it is or you will continue to allow them to rule your life. These people may mean well but they are standing in your way and will harm you in the long run by keeping you from the success that you should have.

Are Family Members and Friends Really Protecting You?

Perhaps they think that they are protecting you but in the long run you need to realize that they are not protecting you but in fact causing you harm whether they mean to or not.

Some people are in fact putting you down not to protect you but because they are just plain cruel, jealous or both. Such was the case with my Dad’s wife. She has never liked me from the first day I met her and that was painfully obvious. My wife says it’s because I looked like my Mother. She says it’s a woman thing. Well I don’t know about that, I only know how she treated me and still does to this day. She still treats my Dad with contempt and anger. She is sometimes cruel and he is the nicest guy. The point that I am making is that you need to put an end to that type of relationship. It will not get better and that individual will hold you back.

If you can’t get away, for instance maybe you are married and believe that God put you together so you don’t get a divorce, like my Dad believed, then you must nip it in the bud as Barney Fife used to say on Andy Griffith. Nip it. Let them know that this type of behavior is unacceptable. The sooner you do this the better because it will just get worse the more they are allowed to continue with this abusive behavior. You are doing them no favor when you let it go either. Maybe you believe in being passive and don’t want trouble. That is understandable but in the long run will cause you more trouble.

If You Love Someone Then You Owe it to Them to Provide a Positive Environment in Which to Grow

If you love that person at all then you owe it to them to help them become a better person. A non-supportive husband or wife will make or break you. I have heard this for years and I have lived it and I know now that it is true. I have proof.

Make sure you keep the positive atmosphere needed for success. I went on that tangent because I believe with all my heart that without the proper attitude, atmosphere and positive people to hang out with success is virtually impossible. The next thing would be what I talked about in the beginning of this article and that Grant Cardone talks about in his book and that it to live like your broke.

Spending money as soon as you get it will lead to a life of misery fast. You must put money aside, not just to save but to invest.

Come back tomorrow because I am going to be talking about how to change your environment and change the associations you currently have that are not profitable to you. By not profitable I mean spiritually, mentally, physically etc. It’s not always about money. Relationships should be mutually profitable in some way though or you are wasting precious time in your life that could be better spent so that you will be more of a blessing to others.

Small Changes Big Results

February 9, 2017

I have seen a few books over the years telling people not to sweat the small and that it is all small stuff. I have an issue with this statement though because it is the very small stuff that can create the biggest trouble if ignored. 

It is also small, what may seem like minute steps or changes, that produce the biggest results. In an aircraft the slightest  turn may not throw it off course very much at first, however after a few miles what seemed like a small change in direction now becomes a huge change and the plane is now headed in a completely different direction. 

In the sport of Golf it is very small changes that produce incredible results and can mean the difference between winning and losing a tournament. Moving a players club just a small degree during the swing can send the ball off in a totally new direction. 

I am going to show you how making small changes and paying attention to the small things in business can make all the difference between success and failure in that same business. 


As the old saying goes, “A small leak can sink a big ship”. Let’s take a small thing like carrying a bank card around for daily purchases. This is a very dangerous proposition because it is very hard to keep track of what you are spending on a daily basis. It gets to be a habit to just swipe the card and on each purchase you can justify it because after all it is only a small amount to spend. However is it really just a small amount? I submit to you that the small amount’s can and usually will add up to very large amounts if not organized and kept track of, and quickly too. 

Daily Tasks

I work in sales and I like to keep track of current and future clients by keeping their information in a CRM software called Zoho. Now during the day it can get pretty hectic and I usually will put the clients information in the software right away. It takes a few minutes before going to another call however it makes a huge difference in the way my partner and I stay organized. Sometimes we get really busy and I forget to put the information or I just justify it by saying “Oh I can get it in the software tonight or later”. Do you know when later usually is? Never, that’s right, never. Or if I finally do get it put in the software it is missing certain crucial facts because we have forgotten them by that time. Also the job is 2 or 3 times more difficult because we now have more to put in and more to remember. Doing it as we go may take a bit of time in the beginning but saves an extrordinary amount of time in the long run. 

My daughter and son are both in High School and they like to put off doing what they know they need to do, whether that be homework or chores etc. They have found that when they don’t do these things as they go it takes a lot more time to get it done and it is much more tedious. Establishing a system and sticking to that system on a consistent basis is the key to success in any endeavor. 

Budgeting and Saving Money

I think that creating a budget and learning to save a certain amount every single week is one of the most important tasks you can do to contribute to the survival of your family and even having a family that thrives in the long run. Tithing 10% on a consistent basis as the Bible tells us to do will also contribute to our success. The key to any of these small changes is consistancy. Doing it on a routine daily. Habit is what will allow you to do these things consistently. You must establish excellent habits daily. It takes appoximately 21 days to start a new habit and have it ingrained in your mind so that it becomes second nature. 

Start Small

Starting out with small changes and working on them one at a time until they become a part of your daily routine and a habit is the key to big and lasting change. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you are doing whay you have been doing in the past you are going to get the same results. If you expect things to improve or be different then you are going to have to change what you are doing, even if only slight changes at a time.    

Daily Habits

I made one small change in my routine. I started getting up early again. I used to get up early every day when I was younger and then I got in the bad habit of getting up later and later. I became lazier and lazier. It was more difficult to get up and evern easier to justify why I didn’t need to. Making this one small change and sticking to it allowed me more time to do what I needed to do in the morning such as planning for my day. I had more quiet time so that I could set goals for the week, month and year. I could also do my paper work and most important read my Bible. Just one small change a week can make all the difference in the direction your life is taking. It can mean the difference between success and failure in life. Take control of your life now and realize that it is the small things that will make an incredible difference in the long haul. 

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